Is This Thing On? Welcome Everyone!

Over the recent school year, a number of Parker teachers have been involved in an “Expanding Boundaries” course dedicated to enlightening Reading, MA teachers to the variety of tech-based tools in the web world that enrich their classrooms as well as their own personal and professional development. While I have not been a part of the program I have been directly influenced by it, as these educators have eagerly distributed their “golden nuggets” to all faculty members willing to listen.
Recently I’ve been turned on to “Twitter,” a networking site that you’ve potentially already heard of depending on your own social circles and “Delicious,” a bookmarking tool that keeps all of your browser links in a central location searchable by others (if you allow it), building a web database of useful links.  The one-two punch of these two sites has been dramatic as I have seen my own network of educators (and their resources) spike and my collection of ready-to-go classroom links balloon.
The benefit of blogging has also reasserted itself in my mind. Lost in the post-holiday break shuffle, I have neglected my blog for too long. Its time to jump back on the horse! In reading other educators’ blogs however, I’ve recognized the need for me to re-tool my blogging methods for my audience (who is this blog really for? the students? the parents? me?) to heighten my own impact on this digital community.
So consider this a coming out party for my “professional blog.”  My previous blog will be maintained for student perusal, with the intention of keeping dual blogs (did I just commit to that?!) For a Sunday morning, I am brimming with anticipation and excitement!
Thanks to Kathy Favazza, Steve Olivo, and Norah Connolly for their willingness to share their experiences and knowledge of all things education. You can read their excellent blogs for yourself through the links listed below.
Norah Connolly: Librarian(‘)s Matter
Steve Olivo: Llama Llama Duck
And don’t hesitate to follow MrMusselman on Twitter.  Looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone willing!

About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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