Google Voice – Mr. M’s Science Hotline

Over the summer break, my brother was faced with a dilemma. As a newly practicing dental student at BU, he was required to find clients to bring in to the schools dental office in order to gain practical experience. His clients needed a phone number to call to setup appointments with him, yet he was reluctant to simply give out his phone number to the many complete strangers who agreed to act as his dental test-dummies.

Over dinner one night asked if I’d be willing to purchase something for him over ebay since he did not have his own account. When I asked him what he was looking for he said “a Google Voice account.” After dinner we proceeded to purchase two account registration keys for exactly $1, apparently the vendor liked to deal in bulk.

My brother was immediately able to link a completely new phone number to his own cellular device, and we marveled at how excellent it was that not only would he be called, but a voice message recording would be left online to listen to from anywhere.

And the light went on…

So on day two of the school year my students were solving murder mysteries, a suggestion from Peter Pappas (@Edteck on Twitter) and available on his blog here. In the interest of getting everyone communicating, I asked groups to take out a cell phone when they had solved the murder and have each student share one piece of the who-what-where-when puzzle.

The implications are far reaching from foreign language, to asking math students to verbally describe the steps to their work, to embedding audio easily into web media. I can’t wait to make this a bigger piece of my assessment puzzle, and a fun one for the students at that! One student even had some suggestions to make it better.

“You should have a receptionist instead of your voice.”

Mr. Musselman’s Science Hotline is up and running! Feel free to leave me a message at (781) 205-9440 and tell me what you think about the classroom implications. I’ll be happy to post them in a future blog post!


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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One Response to Google Voice – Mr. M’s Science Hotline

  1. Peter Pappas says:

    A shout out to Mr Musselman and his students – cool use of Google Voice to solve the mystery!

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