Accommodations vs. Best Practice PD

“Hand-Holding Zone” by J.Elliott. Flickr Creative Commons license (9/15/2009)

I was recently given the privilege to present the collaborative efforts between our eighth grade special education liason, Tanya McDonald, special education assistant, Gail Caiazza and the subject level teachers of my “team” with the Parker middle school faculty. The goal was to present the difference and similarities between best teaching practice and true accommodations, a distinguishment that the special education director of the school system has recently been pushing throughout the district.

I included our presentation on my own professional development wiki I recently started when I presented on social networking at the beginning of the school year. There we broke down best practices and matched them up with true accommodations, while presenting many of the assignments adapted for learning center students within a connected SMARTBoard presentation.

Wikis provide an excellent way to not only archive professional development work, but to then be able to update and improve work for future professional development workshops! How do you document/archive your professional development?


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K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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