"Frustrations" Revisited

Last week I wrote and recorded a post on my own blog regarding a feeling that I presumed had likely been felt by educators before. My post centered around frustration, specifically toward laptops, wireless internet and the technology we put in place that can make these tools more cumbersome to use.

The intention of the post was to share a feeling I experienced when my plans to integrate technology collided with obstacles I could not personally solve while issuing a request to readers: Share with me arguments, links, and resources in support of firewalls to help me better understand their need in schools and around the world.

At the time, using the progressive nature of the Reading School system and the Expanding Boundaries program seemed like a fitting context that could illustrate these feelings and the continued dilemmas we all face as we expand the use of technology in our schools. What I (terribly) erred to consider was the plausible chance (particularly once tweaked and posted for our EB ning) that the post might be read, not as an indictment of technology systems as a whole, but to the Reading school system and its hard working staff members. Staff such as Matt, Marcia, Meg, April, Bob, Karen, Bonnie and Mike who work tirelessly to bring the current hardware and software we have in place to our schools so that we may provide our students with internet access, emails, network folders, COWs, Edline, digital dropboxes, and the endless amounts of tech peripherals and software.

It was never my intention to suggest these colleagues and friends may had in some way faltered in bringing us the best possible educational technologies. Familiar with just some of the surface issues these individuals experience day in and day out is enough to leave me with great respect and appreciation for their patience and skill with such systems (and with teachers like myself!).

So regardless of my original purpose, I am truly sorry for the hurt feelings that have been inflicted as a result of my post. The message and format in which my thoughts have been delivered were clearly misguided. As a result I will now go about personally repairing my relationships with these individuals.

In addition, because of the inherent nature of sharing through blogs and other web 2.0 formats, I must now strive to amend my own reputation as a positive collaborator within our outstanding staff of educators and administrators. If I can take any good from this experience, it is the reinforcement of the prudence we all must take when sharing our thoughts and opinions on the web. I look forward to sharing examples, thoughts, and future opportunities that lend themselves to conversations surrounding technology and how we all can continue to use them to their highest possible potential.


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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