SMARTBoard Recorder: Your Classroom Anywhere!

Last week during a class investigation I took advantage of one of the greatest tools SMART Notebook has to offer. It is one of the more powerful tools teachers with SMARTBoards possess but I suspect is overall under-utilized. The SMART Recorder allows you to record your classroom notes as you write them on your SMART Board.

There are a number of options that go with the SMARTBoard Recorder. You can choose to record the entire SMARTBoard screen, an option for any teacher giving an overview of how to use a new web 2.0 tool with students. You can also just choose to record a specific portion of your screen, allowing you to keep your video’s focus on what’s being taught and not what programs may be running in the background. While my video above is solely a visual recording, there is an option to include audio as well, an option with obvious potential in combination with a wireless microphone.

With so many students out for extended absences due to H1N1 and other seasonal illnesses, the SMART Recorder can play a significant role in keeping students connected to the classroom and following our continuously scaffolding lessons. Part of the reason I believe so few people use this tool is because they may not be aware it exists! The SMART Recorder does not show up in the SMART Notebook toolbar, but you can find it and add it to your toolbar by following the instructions posted here. The combination of creating these videos and then posting them to a classroom blog makes those students missing class time able to stay connected and responsible for staying up to date with the material missed!

I’m curious to know how others have used the SMART Recorder, or what types of recording software others might have used besides the SMART Recorder?


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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