Podcasting EduCon 2.2

This weekend I am traveling to Philadelphia to take part in an exciting professional development opportunity known to educators as “EduCon.” Throughout the weekend fellow Reading teacher and Expanding Boundaries member, Mike Springer will be sharing our experiences with friends, family, and faculty members via our first attempts of podcasting. The podcasts can be downloaded and subscribed to at mikeandseaneducon.podbean.com Our first podcast is admittedly silly and not worth its weight (which is nothing since it’s digital!) in content, but was a good opportunity for us to become familiar with the tools and software. Once we get to Philadelphia I anticipate we will have much more to say! EduCon is a special type of conference that is held both in person and online, so join a conversation this weekend by logging into the web seminars offered through many of the wonderful sessions to be shared this weekend.

About MrMusselman

@BurlMAschools Science Specialist and @CambridgeCollg Science Methods instructor. @NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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