Reinventing the School Newspaper

This week marks the kickoff for a lost Parker Middle School tradition. Long before I became a faculty member at Parker, “The Quill” student newspaper had lost its way. But this year English teacher, Brian James was charged with resurrecting The Quill with a web 2.0 flair. Through conversation with numerous teachers it was decided that the student newspaper would take shape in the form of a blog.

There are so many advantages to a blog over newsprint, particularly in a school embracing web tools and skills such as ours. The ability to include color photographs and video alone brings our student and teacher written content to life, but the ability to publish new content on a time schedule that fits everyone’s schedules certainly will cut down on the deadline headaches that would have been faced in the past. Me and a number of teachers have agreed to help act as co-editors to bring the Quill to the Reading community. Anytime we have new content to post we simply save the work as a draft and allow Brian, our editor-in-chief, to choose how to best disseminate the new material to keep the Quill fresh and reader interest high.

To see and have the opportunity to follow The Quill, follow the link to our new WordPress blog here.


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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