Using Social Media in the Classroom

Last month I was privileged and honored to be interviewed by Sarah Nathan, reporter for the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association’s magazine, “MTA Today” regarding their July/August’s headline article on the use of social media for teaching and learning. The article, co-written by Nathan and Meg Secatore, highlights social media tools for professional development, access to educational resources, and as a way to have students collaborate and learn in an online environment.

During my interview with Nathan, our conversation was focused primarily on using social media in the classroom setting. We talked mostly about Edmodo, a “micro-blogging platform” that was first introduced to me by Steve Olivo, my team’s English/Language Arts teacher who shares a mutual commitment to educating our students about how to share and interact in an ever-changing digital landscape through our already.

For those of you who have been directed here in the interest to learn more about using Edmodo and social media in your classroom, please consider checking out these blog post by Steve, Reading social studies teacher Kerry Gallagher, and I regarding our experiences with Edmodo.

Microblogging During an Assembly by Steve Olivo

Facebook in the High School Classroom by Kerry Gallagher

Enhancing Classroom Videos using Edmodo(?) by Sean Musselman

What Would a Social Media Middle School Elective Look Like? by Sean Musselman

MusselmanPD: Social Networking Websites – More Than Just Narcissism by Sean Musselman

This coming year, Steve, Kerry and I will all be using the Moodle platform as an adjunct piece of our classroom experience. One thing I look forward to using is the Moodle discussion boards, a feature that can be found for free to Massachusetts educators through the Massachusetts DESE’s online network for education known as “MassONE” with admittedly less customization abilities. It is my goal to expand my use of social media for learning next year in this forum and a process I will surely be reflecting on right here.

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