Shifting Gears

Goodbye Gear Shift” by fomu on Flickr

This blog has been only sporadically updated over the past few months as I have been busy in transition to a new position with the Burlington Public Schools. As one of their two “Science Specialists,” my everyday professional experiences have shifted significantly from classroom teacher to support staff for the system’s elementary school teachers and classrooms.

“Musselman’s MindTrap” has made way for “Musselman / Science,” the web domain to my former classroom blog named for its simplicity for kids to remember. While no longer concerned about my blog readers’ abilities to recall, the title is still significant as it signifies the dual focus that the blog will now take.

Musselman / Science will continue to share my professional experiences, but science posts will take on a distinctly different feeling as the curriculum and lessons I am now accountable for will be designed for primary grade levels. October’s “Charging Up Students with Electromagnets” was a test run of sorts. In the future there will be no photos shared on this site of students  (unless linked to teacher classroom blogs.) Instead downloadable worksheets, IWB files, curriculum guides and student work will become the focus. The goal of all this is to share the rich resources the Burlington Science Center has to offer free-of-charge. It is my sincere hope that teachers less fortunate to have such a unique support system will benefit from the time and energy spent furthering student learning through the Science Center, no matter which school district they are in.


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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