Learning Everyday in Burlington

Cross posted on Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Larkin’s blog, “Learning Everyday in Burlington Public Schools.

Last year marked an abrupt change in course on my career path in education. After five years teaching Earth and Space Science at the middle school level I was offered the exciting opportunity to become Burlington’s next “Science Specialist.” (An eyebrow-raising title to say the least!) Now, as the newest member of the Burlington Science Center, I’ve been charged with igniting K-5 students’ interest in science with a wide range of grade-specific programs while providing science curriculum and instructional support to the school system’s elementary educators.

Working at the Science Center provides an excellent opportunity to share my passion and knowledge for science while furthering my own learning, particularly in regards to how our young “scientists” learn best and become our future discoverers and inventors. I am not alone in this journey for new knowledge and skills. With Massachusetts’ pending adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards changes in both what and how we teach science will be needed in all of our classrooms. While such change is never easy, a shift like this brings forth excitement in me as it will lead to more opportunities for all of us to recognize and share how we as Burlington teachers educate our future scientists best.

While my first year was spent to a large extent, “learning the ropes” of the Science Center my goals this year include sharing and collaborating more deeply with my fellow faculty members while bringing my own style and creativity to the programs and exhibits we offer our students. Even though the school year has just begun, I am already off to a great start with a new “Light Program” for our third graders and a “Transfer of Energy” exhibit that will help all of our students better visualize and understand the many forms energy takes and how they are changed from one kind to another. I deeply appreciate Burlington’s commitment to their students’ science education through the Science Center and look forward to “bringing science to life” for its students for years to come! To learn more about what the Science Center is and who we are, visit our blog.

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@BurlMAschools Science Specialist and @CambridgeCollg Science Methods instructor. @NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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