Blizzard Science: How Much Water in a Foot of Snow?

This past weekend’s blizzard covered New England with several inches of snow and will be remembered as one of the largest (and longest!) storms to coat the metro Boston area in memorable history.

On the bright side the snow could not have hit at a better time for Burlington’s elementary schools. Many of the town’s fourth graders are either wrapping up or just starting their science units on weather and climate! With that thought lingering on my mind I posted “Blizzard Science: How Many Inches of Water in a Foot of Snow?” on the Burlington Science Center’s website.

The experiment video was a big hit among the classroom teachers, particularly those looking for something to engage students with during an indoor recess! The 7+ minute video asks students to make predictions and models collecting data while introducing new vocabulary, and charging students to try their own experiment at home in their backyard. Pausing the video in one or two places for class discussion (as the video suggests) extends the entire mini-experiment / lesson to about 10-15 minutes overall!

Pine Glen teacher, Denise Keough-Lane extended me the additional favor of creating an experiment activity sheet, one I adapted and formatted for digital download and accessibility. Thank you, Denise!

Please let me know what you think of my “Blizzard Science” video and share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear how your results fared if you try the experiment yourself!


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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