Questions for Evaluating Content and Curriculum Resources

Tomorrow is an exciting day for Burlington’s Science Curriculum Council. Members will be spending the full meeting to more deeply and critically explore the Discovery Education content / curriclum website along with their new Science Techbooks. As our learning tools become more digital the range of media available to our students and teachers becomes more diverse, leading to a need for attention towards what kinds of media and resources will work best for our students and meet them at their level.

As a facilitator of this meeting and a voice in the shaping of our science curriculum, I’ll be interested in hearing how the following questions will be answered by our teachers at the conclusion of this meeting and again at the end of our 60-day trial:

  • How well does the content currently align with classroom needs? How does the content present align with your curriculum? Are there any materials that align with curriculum / lessons outside of science that could act as interdisciplinary connections.

  • How age appropriate is the content offered? Consider language, vocabulary, visuals, tempo of media, length of activities / media, etc.

  • How would you describe the lesson plans and/or teacher guides you reviewed? Are the outlines / projected goals and timelines realistic? Could you effectively visualize the lessons described? Is the format clear and easy to follow? Would you most likely use them “right out of the box,” adapt them to fit your needs, or not use them at all?

  • Are the materials greater / less than / equal to the quality of free materials you have found or currently have access to? If you can provide examples please do!

All of these questions I believe would be appropriate when evaluating any content / media distributor for our classroom needs. I’m curious to know what my fellow educators think about the questions posed. Am I missing any key questions that need to be answered? Are these questions too broad? Too narrow? Your thoughts and suggestions via the comment box are greatly appreciated!


About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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