Reflections on my MITS 2013 Summer Experience

Over the past week I’ve been traveling to the Franklin Park Zoo, Waterworks Museum, and Learning by Design to participate in the face to face portion of my summer course through MITS, the Museum Institute for Teaching Science. Its been a fascinating ride full of behind the scenes looks at museum facilities, personal lectures with scientists in fields of study explored around Boston, and opportunities to connect with fellow educators around the greater Boston area. With our course wrapped up and final projects being completed it was important for all of us to reflect on our time together to glean the most we could from our experiences and put them to work moving forward.

The video below is my “Friday Reflection” and was done using the Explain Everything app for the ipad. I used this form of media for two reasons: 1) It was a distinctly different form of reflection from the other written pieces I’ve been completing through the course and 2) I’ll be using this app with students next week during a STEM course a few Burlington colleagues and I will be running for upper elementary students.

The most notable experiences referenced in the video were:

  • PD comes in many ways. Blended learning communities allow us to formulate stronger bonds in the F2F opportunities while still being able to connect when we are spread apart…
  • Sharing our work pushes us to do better by seeing what our peers can accomplish, while leading us to reflect and improve/redesign afterwards.
  • All the stages of the design process are vital to the development of a strong solution to our engineering dilemmas!
  • The exploration of the green belt and search for technology designed with these conditions / resources in mind was an exceptional model of how “research” does not have to be book / media driven and can be even more powerful when it comes from experience.

About MrMusselman

K-5 Science Specialist for the Burlington Public Schools of Burlington, MA.
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