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Static Electricity Visualizations and Activities

Static electricity demos and activities can be finicky. Humid air is a demonstration killer. Latex allergy? Forget the “classic” balloon activities. Fortunately there is an array of great static electricity demonstrations, visualizations, and virtual laboratories for your kids to explore … Continue reading

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Mining for Chocoate Chips: A Model for STEM Integration

Third graders hovered over their chocolate chip cookies, paperclips, toothpicks, craft sticks in hand. I counted down, “three… two… one… GO” but not a single child grabbed their cookie. Instead they began to furiously pick, prod, and poke with their … Continue reading

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The Science Center and Authentic Learning Experiences

So much of what education reformists, administrators, and teachers talk about is the need for students to engage in authentic learning experiences. Knowledge and skills that are developed in prospective career dimensions and assessed in ways beyond straight-forward multiple choice … Continue reading

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The Great Eight

Will our “Great 8” lead to great success? This is the first year Burlington is implementing the revamped evaluation standards and techniques mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While change is never easy and we are far from the day … Continue reading

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