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Modeling a 5E Lesson Sequence through Sound Energy

With a “Next Generation Science Methods” course in full swing, Wendy Pavlicek and I wanted to tackle what a “Next Generation Classroom” feels like and looks like early on by modeling a 5E experience for our PD cohort of K-5 teachers. … Continue reading

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Mapping Burlington’s Next Generation of Science Curriculum

Even the untrained eye can look across the NGSS elementary science standards, (and the adapted version Massachusetts) to see that there are several connections between what have traditionally been taught as separate disciplines of Earth, Life, and Physical Science. To … Continue reading

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NSTA 2015 “MusselmanScience” Workshops

This year I’ll be participating in two workshops at the 2015 NSTA National Conference in Chicago. On Saturday, from 9:30 to 10:30 join me and many of my fellow NGSS@NSTA curators at the NGSS Share-a-Thon. With over 30 presenters sharing … Continue reading

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