Balancing Bird: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Science Phenomena!

This year’s holiday giveaway from the Science Center not only makes for a fun stocking stuffer, but is a gateway toward exploring the science phenomena of forces and balance with your kids or students. The “Balancing Bird” is very affordable, a toothpick, two pennies, and a piece of cardstock (though copier paper will do) is all you need.

Introduce our video before building the bird to get the students excited… but be sure to pause before the explanation and elicit your young minds’ ideas on how it works first! The link above to Ellen McHenry’s Workshop provides a template and simple illustrations to follow for construction.

Have a great holiday and have a little physics fun with your family! I’m looking forward to sharing more from the Burlington Science Center in 2016.

About Sean Musselman

Teacher Dad and Burlington MA Schools K-5 Science and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator. NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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