How do you “Choose Your Own (PD) Adventure?”


A quick glimpse at the 25 most recent emails in my inbox included three seemingly outstanding upcoming professional development opportunities. A stipended opportunity to learn about engineering design and the physics centered on designing your own hand held vacuum at MIT’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering:

Still another was a reminder from my NSTA Professional Learning Community about an upcoming NSTA web conference around STEM instruction and ELs, and still another regarding the summer offerings by the Wade Institute (previously known as MITS) in the local Northeast MA region.

Oh, and how can I forget the Valerie Bang-Jensen and Mark Lubkowitz book, “Sharing Books, Talking Science” I just purchased? When will I take the opportunity to read that? And let’s just forget that Twitter feed (as we’ve already pointed out a few cross posts above, a mere tip of the iceberg…)

“Personalized Learning” is a best practice that gets batted around not only in our students classrooms but among professional development facilitators as well. As educators we don’t always have control around what forms of professional development we need to participate in, but when we do have choice its important to have some framework for decision making.

For me, I try to select around personal needs just as much as professional ones during a time when my children are young and me-time precious! PD needs to be:

  • Timely (flexible or over a day typically)
  • Engaging (stretches me beyond my current strengths and/or into new learning domains)
  • Applicable (I should be able to put this learning to good use in the upcoming academic year, if not sooner!)
  • Credit-worthy (keep moving on that schedule… cost of living in the Boston area isn’t getting any cheaper!)

But despite these seemingly appropriate criteria, opportunities of interest continue to present themselves that are difficult to shy away from. Are they too vague? Probably. But before I go under the deeper reflection hood I’m curious to hear how others approach their own professional development learning adventure? What criteria do you use? What kinds of learning and opportunity have your criteria led you to or how has it held you back? What suggestions can you offer a parent of toddlers still unwilling to give up on that “never stop learning” mindset?

Oh and if you were looking for awesome “Choose Your Own Adventure” references here you are sadly out of luck. But I will share this amazing atlasobscura blog post in which every Choose Your Own Adventure book from the series has been data mapped to show all the possible outcomes.

About Sean Musselman

Teacher Dad and Burlington MA Schools K-5 Science and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator. NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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