Supporting Informal Educators Navigating the Currents of NGSS



Over the past two months I have had the pleasure of supporting NSTA’s pivot to a more inclusive “National Science Teaching Association” by assuming the role of editor for the NSTA’s “Next Gen Navigator” monthly e-newsletter. The role provided me the opportunity to connect with several Massachusetts based science institutions, including the WADE Institute, the New England Aquarium’s Teacher Resource Center, and the Christa McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning.

A web version of the October 2019 publication, “Refashioning Informal Education to Support 3-D Learning” can be found here. You’ll find my editorial remarks there as well. 🙂

Science educators of all kinds interested in making shifts in their practice aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards should consider signing up for the Next Gen Navigator on the NSTA website linked here. Along with three or four articles from NGSS practitioners you’ll find classroom and professional development resources included in each monthly installment, all aligned with a different theme relevant to NGSS curriculum and instruction.

About Sean Musselman

Teacher Dad and Burlington MA Schools K-5 Science and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator. NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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