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Exploring Heat Energy with an Infrared Camera

At this year’s Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers or “MAST” Conference I shared the Science Center’s FLIR One infrared camera purchased last year through Burlington Education Foundation grant funds. Over just the past month teachers at the Marshall Simonds Middle … Continue reading

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Robotics Camp Reflection

This past July I had the pleasure of delivering on a promise to our Burlington robotics community by running our first two-week robotics camp for elementary students. Using experiences from last year’s programming/robotics hybrid and some intriguing challenges provided by … Continue reading

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Exploring and Modeling Matter Phases and Changes

After some success last year with Mrs. Vissochi’s class and matter changes, it was apparent that more time had to be dedicated to understanding matter phases and how to model matter before such learning. So this year, Mrs. Finn opened … Continue reading

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Exploring the Ways Matter Changes

“When water is heated, it changes into something new … steam.”“Chocolate can melt and be frozen again.”“I think volcanoes can change rocks underwater.” When posing such an open question as “what ways does matter change?” its easy to see the … Continue reading

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Explore Light and Color with these iPad Apps

iPads are quickly making their way into the hands of our Burlington students at the elementary grades. There are some great educators across the district putting these devices to work in ways that allow students to capture their understanding and … Continue reading

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Halloween STEM Project: Reverse Engineering Flashlights

Reverse engineering flashlights: A Halloween hit! With most of the Memorial School’s third graders turning themselves into ghouls, fairies, and superheroes tonight, the third grade teachers and I recognized a perfect opportunity to integrate some STEM and safety into their … Continue reading

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Static Electricity Visualizations and Activities

Static electricity demos and activities can be finicky. Humid air is a demonstration killer. Latex allergy? Forget the “classic” balloon activities. Fortunately there is an array of great static electricity demonstrations, visualizations, and virtual laboratories for your kids to explore … Continue reading

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