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Modeling Celestial Motions and Next Generation Professional Development

The video, “Private Universe” showcasing Harvard graduates stumbling over the reasons for the seasons has thousands of views on YouTube and has been shared countless other times in science-ed classrooms. The sometimes laughable explanation are enough to make any space science educator … Continue reading

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Kinesthetic Astronomy 2.0

Dating back to my years as an 8th grade earth & space science teacher, one of my favorite lessons with students has been the kinesthetic astronomy investigation from the Space Science Institute. A wonderful interactive model for students: it puts the learners front … Continue reading

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Science Night Success

The late-October night was full of the excitement, though no jack-o-lanterns, ghoulish costumes, or sugary snacks could be found. Instead of brooms, paper “straw rockets” flew through the air. Students gazed skyward through telescopes fixed on the waxing gibbous moon … Continue reading

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