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Designing Family Investigations for Remote Science Learning

It has been eight weeks since our Burlington Schools were closed due to the spread of coronavirus through our community. What was once a temporary inconvenience as turned into a remote learning trial by fire for school district’s across the … Continue reading

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Behind Every “Outstanding Teacher” is an Outstanding Community of Educators

During this year’s MAST Conference I was honored as the “2017 Science Teacher of the Year for Middlesex County.” I sat beside fellow educators from across the state being recognized for outstanding accomplishments, humbled by their stories of bringing their … Continue reading

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Assessing Human Impact in the Cafeteria

Hundreds of mouths stood agape as six students in white “haz-mat” suits picked through a mountainous pile of trays, plastic wrappers, tater tots and pizza sticks. Shrieks and “ewwwwwww”s carried through the gymnasium. Students and teachers collectively held their noses. … Continue reading

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Science Night Success

The late-October night was full of the excitement, though no jack-o-lanterns, ghoulish costumes, or sugary snacks could be found. Instead of brooms, paper “straw rockets” flew through the air. Students gazed skyward through telescopes fixed on the waxing gibbous moon … Continue reading

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Explore the Outdoors at Your Local Conservation Land!

About a month ago, #elemsci participants were sharing the virtues of taking science out of the classroom and exploring the outdoors. At that same time my partner, Wendy Pavlicek and I were gearing up for our annual spring field trips … Continue reading

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