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Using PhET Simulations to Explore the Cause and Effect Relationship between Forces and Motion

One of my goals this year is to develop a third grade forces and motion curriculum with a team of Burlington elementary teachers.  While this work is only in its infancy I am optimistic then at least one of the … Continue reading

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Developing an Understanding of Light Energy through PhET Models

“Light moves in the form of waves” and is “reflected, refracted, and absorbed” are all traditional statements of light energy that become staples of assessment for student understanding. But whether students can apply this understanding is a big question. The NGSS … Continue reading

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Balancing Bird: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Science Phenomena!

This year’s holiday giveaway from the Science Center not only makes for a fun stocking stuffer, but is a gateway toward exploring the science phenomena of forces and balance with your kids or students. The “Balancing Bird” is very affordable, a … Continue reading

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Using the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Model during Investigations

This month’s science curriculum council spent some time checking out an Investigation Pak featured in Science A-Z, a non-fiction reader resource associated with Reading A-Z. With the resource still mostly underused but our school year well underway, Wendy Pavlicek and I … Continue reading

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Mirrors and Mazes (and Maps!)

The classroom was shrouded in darkness except for beams of light criss-crossing the room. All around students were abuzz with excitement. “Aim the mirror this way! Put the flashlight over here! Do you think it will work backwards?” With students … Continue reading

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Lion Dissections and Learning About Sound

I was recently browsing the PBS app when I came across a very cool looking series titled, “Inside Nature’s Giants.” As you can imagine, the episodes are a mixture of real dissection footage by some of the world’s top animal … Continue reading

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"Create-a-Compass" Magnetism Activity

Magnetized needle pointing towards north. While studying magnetism teachers will often introduce Earth’s magnetic field to students with the help of a class set of compasses. Quality compasses can be expensive and unless teachers are planning to have students use … Continue reading

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