Snow Day Science

Over the past month I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sarah Pottieger, the “Busy Minds” column writer for Scholastic’s Parent and Child Magazine. Today I received a copy of their December/January issue in the mail including the fruits of our labor, a “Snow Day Science” article sharing some of the Science Center’s favorite winter experiments!

While some of the experiments could not be included in the one page write-up, Scholastic put all of them on their website here for anyone to check out. Try them the next time you want to brave the elements with your kids or classroom!

  • DIY Snow Crystals
  • Frozen Bubbles
  • Mitten Science
  • The “Blubber Glove”
  • How Much Water in a Foot of Snow?

About Sean Musselman

Teacher Dad and Burlington MA Schools K-5 Science and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator. NSTA Professional Development facilitator and author of "Think Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate" NSTA Kids ebook.
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